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Southwest artifact hunting for beginners? Need advice!

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  • Southwest artifact hunting for beginners? Need advice!

    Hello All,
    I am interested in hunting(finding) some artifacts in the southwestern US. I am currently 100 miles east of Albuquerque, and heading west. I have plenty of time to kill and was hoping to find some points out here. I spent the morning waking a dry creek bed with zero success. I am used to hunting the Tennessee River, not the desert. I was hoping someone out there could help me out a little. What geography should I look for? Any advice, tips, tricks, secret honey hole coordinates 😁 would be greatly appreciated πŸ‘
    I am headed west to California then north to Oregon. So if anyone has any advice along that route, please let me know.
    thank you fur ask the help!

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    Walk softly and carry a big stick....I heard leaf blowers are awesome for blowing the sand. Exposing.. flint..good luck!
    SW Connecticut


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      Read the rules for each state then go from there. Some states just say no collecting but most say private property with permission. Good luck
      NW Georgia


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        Thanks guys! Zero luck thoπŸ‘Ž
        headed back to the river where I know what the hell im doing... lol