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    For those of you who are new or are having problems posting good Picts. I suggest you read the tutorials. This topic has been explained many times. I learned from tutorials and trial and error.
    Some of you get to close to your piece. Back off a bit. Some, post all large or full-size picts. Medium is sometimes better for the viewer. I tend to do both With more medium picts. I use my computer to do all my posts, it gives me more control. I use a camera and a smart phone to take the Picts., and send or download them to my computer. There I can re-size them into the proper size for the forum and see if there are in focus. If you don't like the pict,,,take another or two. Last of all there is a preview icon near the post icon. use the preview before you post. That way you can see your post as all the viewers see it. If you like what you have done then go ahead and post. No one here is perfect, so ask questions and take advice and you will improve on your thread. Kim
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    Good advice, Kim.👍
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      Well I take horrible pics because quartz is hard to get into focus and I'm horribly impatient, lol.
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        Bright sunlight early morning or evening. The angle of the son will improve the flake patterns.

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      Good advice Kim!
      SW Connecticut


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        Good post Kim, also taking pictures in natural light is better and if you're inside take pictures of whatever at different angles from a little distance (you can always resize/ crop the picture once it's been taken). Tilt the artifact some for good detail; sometimes unnatural light can make one side in focus look good but make the other sides darker or look strange but that's ok because more than one picture can be posted. One more thing... background helps alot; for example if you have a white or a red/ orange point; a blue background works.
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