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  • Need Help in Colorado!

    I am located in Northern Colorado and have recently developed a passion for looking for arrowheads. It has been really tricky to navigate alone, and getting permission to hunt is challenging to say the least. I am not even sure the property I am prospecting will hold artifacts. I. have found 2 points before and have been searching for more ever since. Wondering if anyone has any helpful advice for a new hunter (where to focus?,how to get permission?,what to look for?). I know many hunters are probably located in other states, but let me know if anyone is from the Colorado/Wyoming area that may be able to give me some advice! Thanks and glad to be apart of the forum!!

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    Welcome, from Arkansas.

    Not sure where in northern CO you are(it’s a big state) but if you found two, there’s more.

    The old “high ground near water” adage is good here, but things are definitely different out there. There are a couple of posters here from CO who may be able to help more.

    again, welcome, and share your finds!!
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      Welcome to Are you in the mountains or flatlands? I have no clue as to what to look for site wise out there. I would start by looking at the ground . The soils back east build but it probably differs in the wet. We do have members who might be able to help. Best of luck to you in the hunt. Please share some photos of the ones you already found.
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        I am by both the mountains and flatlands near the Poudre river. There is an extensive history of natives here that go back 10,000 years plus. I live about an hour from the Lindenmeier site which is a fascinating read. Here is the link if anyone would like to learn some about the Folsom people:

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      Spend some time reading through many good posts/threads in this section of the forum. You may have to spend some time looking but worth it. Some great info shared.
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        For starters, stay close to the river. Not sure if there are farmed fields next to it, but if so, try and get permission there. Maybe river banks and shoreline as well, if it’s legal. Lots of good places out there
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          I’ve seen some found in waterways. You can always watch vids to get a idea on the material to look for.
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            Look for natural sand...Look in and near the sand.
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              Good morning, I hope some one CO can answer my question too. My husband is an avid fan but is not too successful. We will be traveling to CO in September and I wondered if there was an individual or group that I could find who would be willing to take him on a arrowhead hunt for a day for a fee. We are quite flexible about our location but we will be starting in Centennial visiting family. It would be a great surprise gift for him. Thanks