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Health & Safety: Most Important Question of All

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  • Health & Safety: Most Important Question of All

    Over the last few seasons, so many of you have answered dozens of my questions.
    This one is the most important of all, for it concerns the safety of my son Nuther One.
    In my neck of the woods, nearly all fields have been planted and SPRAYED.

    ???What are the safety measures, be it time, rain, etc., we need to take to safely check a sprayed field???

    Sincere thank you for your input!

    Flint Eastwood
    northwestern Pennsylvania

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    Probably a good rain but the best would be to not go or wear gloves and wash them. But who really knows that answer we all know the risks but go anyway
    NW Georgia


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      Maybe ask the farmers who work your permission fields. Owners of the land are often not the farmer working the land. The guys who work with the chemicals everyday would be the ones who know best.
      Uncle Trav- Southwest Michigan


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        Sound advice Trav.
        The farmer just quoted, “Would give it a few days.”
        northwestern Pennsylvania


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          Your right to be concerned ! I use to preach to folks about not using saliva to clean artifacts. There are some harsh , very effective, and slow to dissipate chemicals in the farm fields. For the little guy, I’d find em and bag em until at home to wash with soap & water. I know everyone wants to see what it looks like right now , if that’s the case take spray bottle to rinse. Your absolutely correct , play it safe !
          Lubbock County Tx


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            I’m bad about the field wash system well I used to be till one time I found one and threw it in my mouth and then realized they had just put down chicken scratch fertilizer. Learned a lesson that day jj
            NW Georgia


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              Be careful ..good question
              SW Connecticut


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                Error on the side of good judgement. With chemicals like Roundup being used? A known carcinogen with lawsuits pending.
                Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	7AAD12AB-1660-48E0-99EF-B213013745E3.jpeg
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Name:	649A13B3-4D8D-4369-A4CB-EFFACF15E4AB.jpeg
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ID:	557980 See this field I was walking last Sunday? Want to know why there is no living flora ? Last years chemicals ! Click image for larger version

Name:	86FCC4EF-BC8D-40E2-8A4E-75E25C9C4F76.jpeg
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                  Lubbock County Tx


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                    I always wait until after a hard rain. Roundup is scary. Plus I take my dog with me and I don’t want him walking around in a freshly sprayed field.
                    South Carolina


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                      Gloves and a mask would help. To hot here to wear that stuff here
                      NW Georgia


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                        You know that’s a really good question !
                        You could find out from local authorities what pesticides are allowed in your region . That’s taking it to the extreme . Then like all said you can wait for a rain but it’s still in the soil.
                        Note that in the woods with all the animals and fecal matter there are dangers as well . From ticks to poison ivy . You always have to be vigilant . The guys come in from where hogs have been and coons .
                        There are so many parasites us human have to worry about . I have a station where everyone has to clean off their muck boots and take them off like a mud room .
                        Really a day out in the deep woods and Mother Nature could really take havoc if your are not smart . I tell them wear gloves and keep your hands out of your mouth because I am not taking you to the doctor . You city boys don’t think . The old country boys know !
                        Common sense .