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Don't forget the sunscreen !

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  • Don't forget the sunscreen !

    With the summer upon us the heat brings out many unforseen dangers !!!! Disease carrying ticks & mosquitoes and I'm sure in some areas snakes alligators Not to mention the Beating The mid day sun can give you so carry bug spray plenty of water watch your step and Don't forget your sunscreen !!!
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    New Jersey

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    I’m still getting sun cancer removed make sure it’s at least a #50 sunscreen waterproof.
    NW Georgia


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      My ancestry consists of 50% German, 25% Czechoslovakian, and an equal mix of English, Irish and Apache. If it wasn't for the Apache in me, I think I would be tintless. This means that I burn very easy in the sun and it's hard for me to build up a natural tan. I suppose I should start wearing sunscreen more.

      To me, the worst part of summer is the chiggers, tiny almost invisible bugs that crawl all over and pick the worst spots to bite. One bite from them can cause itching for months. I have about 50 bites right now.
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        I get a couple every trip. Just so you know they don’t just bite but actually live on your skin and pours. Clear nail polish will trap them and they can’t breathe

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      I never use sunscreen or wear sunglasses. If you use sunscreen please check the ingredients and google them.
      Professor Shellman
      Tampa Bay


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        Well trust me on the bug spray lol
        New Jersey


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          Had skin cancer too ! free face lift lol
          New Jersey