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Sandbar vs Rockbar

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  • Sandbar vs Rockbar

    Where I'm at it's sometimes hard to find good rockbars on the river. They are mostly sandbars. I feel more confident when looking on a rock bar than a sandbar. I feel like if there's an artifact on a sandbar it's probably covered by sand. Should I look for a better location with gravel bars or do sandbars actually produce?

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    Look where you find the most flint flakes, even if it’s on the highway.


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      Rock bars the artifacts will normally sink under the sand you might find pottery and flakes really not sure I bypass all sand
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        If you get a big flood, go back and check on the sand bars. They might be rock bars then.
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          YEP! Sandbars here often have rock bars below them and I have worked the edges of sand/rock..underwater..

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        Yup, like Tom mentioned the edges, water line, and water areas around sand bars can be good. You might have a good old rocky patch underwater upstream of the sand bar, or occasionally channels carve out downstream of them.

        Unless you have some really dynamic flooding that is actively eroding stuff from the banks and dropping it on a sand bar (think steep walls that are collapsing in on the river), I've rarely found anything old on a sand bar. Sifted/grubbed lots of stuff out of the edges.

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