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  • Where CAN you hunt?

    I am in downtown Columbia and I don't know anyone with land where I can go hunting. Where is a good public place around that I could go?

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    There are quite a number of towns or cities in the United States named Columbia. Columbia, SC might be best known. Most hunters will not provide you with specific sites, but only general tips. Still, best to identify the state, so we know it’s not Columbia, Illinois, or one of 29 other locations named Columbia in the United States.
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      Sorry, didn't think - Columbia, SC.


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        Just looking at Google maps, looks like quite a bit of cultivated land SE of downtown, in the Congaree-Eastover region. I’m in New England, and have no suggestions from experience in your region. Just looking for areas of cultivation near Columbia. Because one general tip would be cultivated fields near sources of fresh water, and after heavy rains. Archaeological Society of South Carolina is in Columbia. Might have members who hunt, but, again, hunters keep sites close to the vest. We’ll see if others can offer more than I can…..
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          Sound advice so far, I wouldn't look on public land; it's against the law in every state (or most every state). Try to find plowed fields, check out creeks (that have gravel bars) and streams. Make sure you get land owners permission beforehand.
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            I have had a lot of luck on cultivated hills near rivers. Always assume water levels were higher thousands of years ago. I have wasted a lot of time in fields in the flood plains close to creeks and rivers, never any luck there.
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              Why do you think water levels were higher thousands of years ago? Are you saying that erosion has cut the streams deeper into the ground over time?