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Renegade Ranch + Crater of the Diamonds

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  • Renegade Ranch + Crater of the Diamonds

    Hey Guys,
    I wasn't able to go to Nether's Farm 2 weeks ago , but i'll probably be heading out to Crater of the Diamonds in Mid-November.(if I have time).
    I don't expect to find anything at the crater but have any of you been there and/or have any advice?
    Also, do any of you know of any pay digs in the area because I know the southern plains sometimes have them and I was hoping to get some finds
    I found 2 pay digs, one seems not authentic, and the other does seem authentic. I don't know if anyone's heard about it but its called Renegade Ranch and its east of Mena, Arkansas.
    thoughts and contributions? thx
    long drive awaits

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    I've heard of Renegade Ranch before, a couple of people on another forum used to dig there. Some cool relics have come from there over the years, but it's not like a big Texas paydig or something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

    It was relatively low cost and the guys who dug there frequently could go in and pick up where they were last time (if they were finding them.) But it might be hard to get on the points if you are just going hand dig random areas in the big field.

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      So how do you think I could get some points? I was thinking to maybe quickly walk the field for some flakes and possible points and then choose the area with the most flakes to dig a hole and sift. Could that work?