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Relocated to Oklahoma

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  • Relocated to Oklahoma

    Hey all,

    My husband was recently moved to OKC for work. We’re from Minnesota. Would really love to get out and do some exploring along the rivers/creeks. Any advice of places to try? It’s a bit intimidating being in a new state. Can we just go walking along any river beds? Sincerely appreciate any help. He really wants something to do on the weekends and this would be a good solo event since he doesn’t know anyone. Much love!!

    I guess I should add. I’ve been looking at google earth and was thinking about trying on the Arkansas River. Maybe near lake Sooner. Just kinda confused to the area. Can we park along the side of a road and walk to the river or creeks? Is the river considered private land? Here in MN we can walk the big rivers for miles. Just don’t want to get in any trouble.
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    Oklahoma and in particular the area you mentioned is bound to have loads of good places to hunt.
    Just remember private property with permission.
    Artifact laws in Oklahoma

    Good luck!
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