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Finding Arrowheads on my trails

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  • Finding Arrowheads on my trails

    Hello all.

    I have 60 acres I share with my family. I’m an avid mountain biker. I’ve been cutting in trails for a few years. Every now and then an arrowhead pops on. This week I found a monster (for what I tend to find).

    I was wondering. Should I actually start LOOKING for more things. Are we missing a chance to find some really neat items?

    Secondly. If we wanted to find a place to dig a hole would that be silly? I’ve read so many different things on here. Maybe we should start in the area we seem to find the most.

    any help or thoughts is most appreciated!


    Click image for larger version

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    Welcome to the forum and nice introduction. It depends upon how involved you want to get, soil conditions, percentage of projectile points found in an area, etc. A lot to read in this section but some great information on how, where and why.
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      Welcome from west central Florida Jenny,..That’s a nice find..what you have is actually a knife that’s been resharpened a few times..Cool..Not familiar with Arkansas hunting


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        Thank you both! I’ll have to get to started reading up on how/where to start. Maybe we got lucky finding this. But it seems like if they are just out there on the ground there is no telling what we could find under the earth.

        when I was a kid we would look around in my grandfathers garden before he would plant his crops. That’s my only experience hunting… so far.


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          Nice find. What is the soil like there? Over here in east TN we have clay. Back up north in Connecticut we had great soil for digging. A lot of roots and rocks but you could easily see the layered stratification in the soil. Up there a rule of thumb was an inch of soil was 400 years. I never dug in TN except to put in fence posts and mail boxes. Its tough digging clay. You have to wet it first and thin it is hard to sift because its like mud. I would walk the property . If you find artifacts on the surface try a test hold 2 feet square 20 inches deep or so. If you find nothing fill it in mark it some how as allready checked and then move. What part of youy can just say Norther north western northe astern southern and so on. Its a nice looking artifact and I agree with Hal its a knife. Welcome to
          That point might be a Kings point we have members from out your way. If I am wrong they will correct me.
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            Thank you Hoss.

            The soil here tends to be a little clay. Where we live though its rock! It was actually an old rock quarry. There are pockets of dirt but sooner or later you will find rock. We'll give a few holes a try in the area these are being found.

            An inch of soil = 400 years. That's wild!