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Going to Lasalle Co. TX

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  • Going to Lasalle Co. TX

    Headed to Lasalle Co. TX in a couple of weeks. Went last year and found some artifacts. All private land and permissions included.

    It was in the 60s so no venomous issues. However this year is going to be very different being already in the mid 80s and low 90s.

    I was thinking about investing in snake proof boots. I'm looking for some advice on what to buy, brands and such. Tips to avoid getting a bite , should I have a walking stick to help out.

    Flat land, some rolling hills, no outcroppings but alot of mesquite and prickly pear. Will avoid the really thick stuff.


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    I used to hunt a couple of areas in South America where poisonous snakes were very, very common. Never had an issue with them, but the rule of thumb was always know where you are reaching if you see something you want to pick up. (Agricultural workers, ranch hands, kids, etc. always got bit on the hands a lot more than on the foot or ankle.)

    I used a pair of snake gaiters on my regular hiking boots. The gaiters were more for cactus spines than snake bites, but they work for both. And you get the benefit of using a pair of boots that are already broken in vs breaking them in on the hunt.
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      Sounds good. I did see the gaiters. I am looking to replace my hikers, I do have a couple of weeks I could break them in before I go either way.



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        Make sure you have plenty of mosquito and tick repellent. Spray your pants legs, and boots well. The spring tick season is the worst.
        I use wrap around sting ray guards when I'm in the scrub. Can't be to careful.
        God luck.
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          Thanks Lone Star, I may also try chaps. I had to pull a couple of needles out of my thigh last year.


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            I always wear snake gaiters when hunting, regardless of the temperature. Though not common. I’ve killed rattlesnakes in the middle of winter. The ones I like are Turtleskin Snake Armor Snake Gaiters. Pricey, but better than getting bit.
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              Thanks TexAg, I did get a new pair of a heavier leather hikers, Pike Trail gaiters, crackshot chaps and LaCrosse snake country boots.

              Yes I know I went overboard, I am going to experiment with the different options to see what may work for the different terrain.


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                Better safe than sorry WAH. And yes to the walking stick. Let me know what combination you like the best, and good luck on your hunt! Post up your finds when you get the chance!

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              Trip has come to an end. Being of smaller stature, the chaps regardless of the boot worked best for me. Easier to pull needles and thorns out of the chaps than my leg, they worked great in the thick stuff. Snake boots, snake boot performance wool socks and the chaps in 90 degree weather did just fine, no overheating nor uncomfortable.

              When not in the thick brush and cacti , I took the chaps off.

              The snake proof boots covered as much as the gaiters anyhow so I wore them just to see how it worked out but weren't necessary because of the SPB's.