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    A friend of mine moved over to one of the flood control reservoirs in our state back when 3 wheelers first came out. The water level was extremely low and he called me to come over and ride his new 3 wheelers out in the newly exposed area of the lake bottom and look for Indian and historic artifacts. In case you are not familiar with these reservoirs a river was dammed up and the whole area was flooded including houses, roads, Indian sites and anything else that wasn’t moved. I tried riding his big machine with my wife on the back but riding motorcycles all my life made it hard to get the hang of steering especially with someone on the back so I got on his smaller one and he and my wife rode his big one. We located several sites with tons of pottery showing and were going to come back and give them a look see but on a creek crossing he and my wife wrecked and they both got a little banged up so we decided to cut our trip short. When we got back to the truck there were 2 Rangers checking folks for violations like helmets, alcohol and any artifacts removed from the area which is federal property and covered by federal law. Fortunately we cut our trip short and hadn’t picked up anything.
    The point of this ramble is to say KNOW THE LAW before you do anything. A lot of times, no, most of the time “I didn’t know “ won’t keep you out of trouble.