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    I am in my 2nd year of hunting and no luck yet. I am looking for any helpful tips. I live in Ohio between dayton and columbus

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    I am in a similiar location, Mount Sterling and this is my first year hunting here in my home state. Before I go out on walks I spend an hour on Google maps - looking for convergences of creeks to rivers, forks in rivers with fields adjacent to them, etc. I use my imagination as if I were looking for a good place to 'settle' for myself. After I find locations I like - I go out and drive them - some of the fields on the maps look good until you get out there. For river access  - I start at the fishing turn outs and work my way upstream along the bank. Here the Paint and Deer Creek run south towards Chilicothe and the adjacent fields were all occupied here in Ohio at one point in time or another. So far the fields have yielded more for me here than the River and Creek banks have. Most of them have been plowed around here and the rains just passed thru - My girlfriend insists we return to the same spot she found something before and we've found whole pieces on 5 different trips to the same field. She has done better than me so far this year! There is a town near you that my sister told me would be a good place that I havent made it to yet Yellow Springs, Ohio. I wanted to scout south from John Bryan SP down to Glen Thompson State Reserve along the water. Looking at the map I see Cedarville has Indian Mound Park also a good starting spot for a walk. Good luck to you!


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      Thank you, I am in Urbana....near Zanesville....west liberty......piqua.......springfield....only about 45 minutes from Mt. Sterling.