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    [see important note for tablet and smartphone users at the bottom]

    Start a new thread by clicking on the "NEW TOPIC" button in the appropriate forum section, or reply to another topic (using the reply box at the bottom of the page) and type in your text. If you want, you can upload your pictures first and then type your text afterwards. It makes no difference.

    Click on the "clipboard" icon at the top right of the options bar when starting a new thread or replying to a post. The icon looks like a document folder with a paper-clip and is next to the A icon.

    Do NOT use the “camera” icon at the top left of the options bar (more about that later).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	My 1st Picture 1.jpg
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    Click on "Upload Attachments" and NOT “Upload from URL”. The URL option is for when you want to link to a picture found on another website or via a search engine, from picture sharing sites like Photobucket, and the picture is not actually stored on your computer. Click image for larger version

Name:	My 1st Picture 2.jpg
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ID:	167430

    Browse to where the required picture is stored on your computer and double-click on it to upload it. You should see the picture appear as a tiny thumbnail at the bottom of the post you are composing. You can upload a maximum of eight pictures per post, and add more in a follow-up post if you wish. Click image for larger version

Name:	My 1st Picture 3.jpg
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ID:	167431

    You can either upload all of your required pictures (to a maximum of eight) and then decide how you want them to display, or you can do them one at a time.

    You can then decide how big you want each picture to display and where you want it to be positioned. Put your cursor at the required position within the text and select from the "Insert: Thumbnail Small Medium Large Fullsize Remove" choices alongside the picture.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	My 1st Picture 4.jpg
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ID:	167432

    [The best choices would be either “large” or “fullsize”. If you select “fullsize” the picture may sometimes appear to be enormous while you are in editing mode, but the forum will scale it down so that it fits neatly within the post after you have submitted. The advantage of “fullsize” is that anyone clicking on the picture after you have posted will be able to examine it in more detail.]

    Then click on "POST"
    Click image for larger version

Name:	My 1st Picture 5.jpg
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ID:	167433

    Your post should then appear, as you arranged it. Click image for larger version

Name:	My 1st Picture 6.jpg
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ID:	167434


    The forum accepts the following file types for images:

    gif (including animated gif files)
    jpg (and the alternative extensions jpeg or jpe)
    psd (multi-layered Photoshop image files)

    You cannot upload bitmap files such as bmp, pcx, tif or tiff files, raw images, or vector image formats such as wmf, cgm etc.

    Note that our server has an upload limit of 2 Megabytes for individual pictures and the forum has a display size limit of 1440 x 900 pixels. Although you can upload a 2 Megabyte picture, the forum software will then make an attempt to scale your picture to a convenient size for display which approximates to 1400 pixels in the largest dimension. Anyone subsequently downloading your picture will get the re-sized version… not the size at which you originally uploaded it.
    Pictures which exceed these limits, or which the software cannot re-size (it may struggle if you upload multiple large pictures in one go), will typically generate an “Invalid File” error message.

    THE CAMERA ICON (what's that for then?)

    The "camera" icon serves a different purpose than the "clipboard". Think of it as a “quick and dirty” way of sharing a picture, wherever it might be (on your device, on another website, or found via a search engine). It also enables you to share pictures that you have stored in an album.

    If you use this option, it does not have the same level of functionality as “Upload Attachments” via the "clipboard" icon. You cannot choose a display size, or where you want the picture to be positioned in your post. Pictures loaded by this method will always be displayed as large thumbnails (which can be expanded by clicking on them after posting) and always positioned at the end of the text you have posted. You can't change those things.


    At the moment (9th August 2015), the “clipboard” icon and “Upload Attachments” option does not seem to be working for some (all?) users of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Only the “camera” icon for picture sharing is functioning.

    Sorry about that... but we’re working on it.
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