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    I know this is an old thread... but was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to start looking for points around the bay area? My job in Alaska suddenly went away overnight, that tends to happen up here.. things are here one minute then they're gone...I bought the first place ticket I could to go get my jeep in san francisco. I'm gonna stock around there for a few days visiting family, then drive to my old stomping grounds in Tennessee. If anyone had any advice on where to look around NorCal pls help me out. Also if anyone is between California and Tennessee and wants to go look for some points pls let me know... have nothing but time until next commercial salmon season in Alaska(June 2022)


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      Hey there, I can't really offer you any solid leads on hunting Bay Area, except to let you know that artifact collection is illegal on public land (including state and local parks etc). This limits you to finding private spots to search and (without permission) that can be tricky. You could try combing local beaches - where points are sometimes found - and though technically, that is forbidden too, it's hard to imagine you'd get in trouble. You'd be lucky to find one anyway.
      All that said, the area around SF Bay is rich with artifacts and they could be found anywhere if you just keep your eyes open.
      That's all I got.

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    Thanks....I think, lol. That's pretty much what I expected to hear. I regretted posting that the second a clicked POST. I do appreciate the response, tho. Good luck to you.
    I took advantage of the delay in the dungie season and flew back to Tennessee..... couldn't take out any longer lol. Did pretty good
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