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Archeology vs. Xbox in NE Ohio pls help!

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  • Archeology vs. Xbox in NE Ohio pls help!

    Hello everyone. My name is Neil and I am currently in Northeast Ohio. I'm glad that I found this forum and I look forward to your advice, wisdom and information (and if it's on the DL, QT and/or secretive information it absolutely stops with me).

    I've always been fascinated with the past, investigation, mysteries and discovery. I used to try to image what took place over the course of history or during a certain period right where I was standing and how much of that is still underneath me waiting to tell the story?

    I have a BA is in anthropology and I took several honors classes which allowed me to do field work in the surrounding areas. It was amazing to find so many artifacts in the middle of one of thousands of freshly tilled farms just off the road. Everything we carefully grided, dug, sifted, recorded and collected didn't come close to the collection the farmer had in his house.

    I've been racking my mind trying to come up with outdoor activities that are exciting, educational and potentially rewarding enough so a 12 year old boy and his 7 year old brother might actually choose to do it over playing video games with his 'friends' (He's never met most of them) online. They both enjoyed using a metal detector and digging up what amounted to junk and it got me thinking about searching for artifacts.

    I plan on taking them out this weekend to dig for artifacts, but that dig I did was so long ago that the professor is probably resting in peace somewhere and despite my best efforts online I have no idea where to start looking. I read the tips and searched for my region, but I'm really hoping to go somewhere that gives the boys the best chance to find anything ancient.

    ​​​​​​I understand why everyone keeps their favorite spots a secret and I respect that, but if anyone would be so kind as to help me narrow down the search area or recommend a particular location you would make a couple of kids extremely happy and I might even be 'cool' for a day. We would only be going there the one time and wouldn't share the information with anyone else.

    We tried fishing, magnet fishing, metal detecting and I know there were more outings, but we didn't catch anything or find anything so I am really hoping this works out. I don't know if I can do it without your help so please message me with any advice or suggestions. I need a solid win against all of those brain sucking screens, games, memes, tweets, etc. and with a little help I feel good about this possiblity.



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    Welcome to It's gonna be hard to get them away from the internet. Maybe make a deal like like I will let you do fortnight after we do archaeology. My grandson is the same way. Kids now a days are living in a virtual world. Make it an adventure.
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      Awesome of you wanting to get them out. Walk the gravel bars along creeks and rivers. Find some flint so they know that shine and let every little piece they find be an amazing artifact. In case they get bored. Take some poles to fish. When I had Facebook I joined some artifacts groups and there would be kids asking about there finds and people would just crush them and there imagination. It was the reason I deleted it. I hope it works out for yah.
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