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Just moved to West Yellowstone, Montana from SC.

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  • Just moved to West Yellowstone, Montana from SC.

    Good evening everyone. New to the forum and wanted to see about getting some info regarding the new state I’m in. Back in South Carolina I had just gotten into hunting for points. I wanted to see if anyone from Montana or the west Yellowstone area would have any tips on where to search. Back home I would stick to high ground on rivers and freshly plowed fields. Is that the same here? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Happy hunting.

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    Welcome from west central Florida


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      Welcome from East Tennessee! Can’t help with your questions on Montana but I’m sure someone on here will.


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        Do Not hunt in the Park [Gov] or private land...they are wathcing...!
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          There used to be an active member up in your neck of the woods, Eugenia, can't remember her user name. She did exceptionally well in creeks.

          I spent several years in Missoula, and it was hit or miss in creeks up there. Found some good sites on steams between lakes, but permission was tough to get.
          Hong Kong, but from Indiana/Florida


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            Rock queen. I miss her.

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          Thank you to everyone for taking the time to respond! Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. I’ll keep doing some research on the area and see what turns up.


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            Welcome to
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