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  • New Guy from Northeast Kansas

    Hi guy here from Northeast Kansas. This artifact hunting is all new to me so I'm here to hopefully pick up some helpful tips and information. I spend a lot of time floating the streams and rivers in Missouri , Arkansas and Oklahoma scratching my flyfishing itch and after stumbling across a broken point while camped on a gravel bar for the evening earlier this Spring I seem to have found a new interest.
    I've found a couple of points in my search so far but while I've found them in both Missouri and Oklahoma I've yet to find one in my home state. So far all of my hunting has been on gravel bars but I'm hopeful to try some field hunting here in Kansas once the crops are pulled for the season.
    Look forward to meeting some folks and learning a thing or two from the experience of this board....Good Hunting!

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    Conversation with folks wherever you go, ?.Goes like this..Hey guy’s anybody ever find any indian arrowheads around here...yeah, I know, but every now and then it works big time especially in them li’ll fishing town places..Just a thought, it worked for me..


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      Welcome to the forum
      Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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        Welcome to our forum from Alabama. Once you get into it, it can develop into a very time consuming hobby. There is much to learn on this forum. Browse around some of the sections and you will learn much. Lots of members here to help out with questions you may have.


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          Welcome to our Forum PlainsGuy. Now you are in good company. We're all here to help each other ID Artifacts and material. Take some time and search the site. Most everything has been either discussed and or shown here. You can go back many years to view any topics. We like to see each others finds so post away my friend. Kim from Pa.
          Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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            Welcome to the forum. I agree with all the above comments.
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