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Double die quarter?

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  • Double die quarter?

    I found a Denali state park quarter last week. Under scrutiny, I saw what appears to be doubling. Do you see it? (top photo) The bottom pic is a "normal Denali quarter.

    P.S. I am sorry for the grainy pic. that's as far as my camera could go.
    Do you see the double die?
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    BRUCE! I yelled for him, he might know,lol
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      Ky Point - That sure looks like a radical double strike to me. I've seen several State Hood Quarters listed as having double strikes, including Hawaii, Virginia, and Alaska but they're not showing that severe a double strike. Hang onto it for now and see what else you can turn up. I usually did my research with Littleton Coin Company when I collected coins years ago. Try and see what they have.
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        I also went into a local bank to find Kennedy half's. I got a 1971 Kennedy that had been off center struck (just barely) I am always on the lookout for errors.
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          Good catch. Error coin collecting has been something that I have not gotten into but there are tons of folks out there who do.

          Without that die error your coin is worth exactly 25 cents

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	1 Size:	576.0 KB ID:	306235
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            I wouldn't call that a double die. It looks more like early stage die deteriation or die slippage. possibly a double strike as chuck suggested but a double strike usually shows more prominence throughout the whole piece. A true double die is a very rare thing that is a result of human retooling of the die. It is still a cool coin. I was very in to coin collecting for a bit and I saved alot of pieces similar to yours.
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              If you want to an easy die variation to look for, go get some Susan b's and look for the 1973 p wide rims. They're not too hard to find but they carry a decent premium for being a more common variation. Do you have a red book by chance? If not, I recommend getting one.
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                I do not have a red book. I should probably get one. I have a mis-struck Kennedy half around somewhere. I have to post it.