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    Slow in here so I thought I’d post something ...
    About 30 years ago a demolition team was digging a hole to push structures into to burn,then cover completely. I was called to check out a water well which was old , rusted, and not worth salvaging..I checked out a store house which was next on the list to be destroyed.. Inside there were about a thousand 45’s and some artist I did not know...Anyway, I consider myself a salvage expert of sorts and pulled these out of the demolition teams way....The Elvis has one song on it that I was told was his only C&W ........JJ

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    Ah, the twentieth century iPod! What's funny is I know all of these songs! I am 16 and wow, that is very weird for this day and age. Cool stuff! I bet a collector would pay something for those.

    My grandmother had some troubles with her water pipes a few months ago. They had to pull up the floor to get to them, and lo and behold, sat a bunch of 1960's super bowl Wheaties boxes. My grandfather collected everything under the sun and hid it, or displayed it. Don't ask me why he buried cereal boxes though...
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      You still have the record player?
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      Hey JJ, Nice save. I remember listening to 45's when I was young. My favorite was "Pistol Packin Mama"

      Al Dexter : Pistol Packin' Mama ( 1943 )
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        I’ve never heard that song Ron but my wife is that song !

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      Hey we had 45’s to cool and a record player .
      On Elvis it was Hound Dig and the flip side was Dont be cruel .. how many of you out there are singing it now


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      hound dog


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        Love them old Sun records, when I was a kid, my folks only had 78 rpm records.