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1/24 Slot Cars... kid's hobbies

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  • 1/24 Slot Cars... kid's hobbies

    I was really into my 1/24 slot cars from about 1964 to 1970. Bigger cities had large layouts in their own stores and in hobby shops. Then the smaller cars took over and the shops closed... I have no idea where all the chassis, bodies, motors, parts went. They must have got lost with my Zebco 33 and 202... We got into flying model airplanes (that were tethered to cables! Wouldn't be as much fun now hahaha) and even solid fuel rockets. Hey, and plastic cars that you put together and when they crashed they would come apart. 'member those!? Rolls of caps. cap "bombs", pump up water rockets, gyroscopes, Spalding Hi-Bounce rubber balls. Car models, Rat Fink, plane models plastic and wood/paper/paint. I made at least 3 flying tigers lol. All that stuff is still around online.
    We really didn't play with marbles like they did just before my time. When Hot Wheels came out they were just for my kid brother.

    Did I jar anyones memory?

    This guy had his!
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    You brought me back to the late 60s with this.
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      Wow man, you regressing? Haven't even thought about toys like those for decades!
      Remember taking those hi bounce balls and bouncing them off the interior walls of the house when Mom and Dad weren't home?
      At least we all know what to get you for your birthday and Christmas this year!
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        I remember all those! We were very poor when I was young but I did have the Rat Fink and Super ball. I did shoot marbles..
        Great review for me Sir ! TY


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          A Guy was trying to bring Them back around 2000 at a Hobby Shop He started. A Few would come by and Drag Race Them but It didn't last long. A Chevelle Model I made about 20 Year's ago. Click image for larger version

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            Dang. I'm older than I thought. I shot marbles in grade school at lunch time.


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              I've got about half of your memories for toys, the other ones are more modern. My older brother had slot cars that I wasn't allowed to play with... They looked cool, but I think they were dying out by the late 70s (people had them but I never saw them work.)

              Cap guns with both the rolls of paper caps and then the plastic wheels, yup. The plastic water rockets, absolutely, those things were a hazard but a lot of fun. Balsa wood planes, cheap and fun entertainment.

              My gen had Stompers come out in 1980, which were pretty cool. You could take them apart, rewire them to take a 9v battery vs the AA, and they would go shockingly fast for a little toy. If it didn't flip over the battery would finally die about half a mile away under some bush.

              We also had lame remote control cars, they would go forward and reverse, and on the reverse the wheels would turn so you could get it to go places if you had enough space to back up, no real steering or speed.
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