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  • Amazing artifacts!

    I bought these recently from a Gettysburg relic shop owner who's pride is his artifacts. He offers his own hand written signature and guarantee on his artifacts, so I know he is on the up and up. Anyway, after a phone call, and some emails, he helped me out a lot on some questions I had, and if he knew anything about camps where the 50th PA infantry camped at (my civil war ancestors). He does, and he is currently trying to contact the fellow he sold the bullets to. Anyway, before I keep blathering on, here is what I bought.

    First up, we have a .69 Cal. roundball. This was recovered in 1956 at Antietam, The site of the bloodiest single day combat during the entire Civil War. This particular roundball was dropped in a reserve position in Pofenbergers woods. This farm was an important part of the battle, having the North woods and other spots on its property lines. Millers cornfield was in front of the house. After it was dug, it was donated to the Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington Missouri, where it was carefully cataloged and stored. The entire collection was sold in 2008, and Andy Keyser (the shop owner) bought a good part of it.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC_0618.jpg Views:	1 Size:	129.5 KB ID:	367054

    Just on a side note, could you imagine being hit with a .69 Cal. bullet?

    The next one, is now the pride of my collection. This .58 Cal. bullet was found on Little Roundtop, in Gettysburg, during an 1880's reunion, by a Union soldier, who's last name was McPherson. The bullet stayed in his family for over 100 years, before being sold to a local Gettysburg collector, Mike Mancuso, who then sold it to Andy, who sold it to me. For those of you unfamiliar with little Roundtop, I will add the best video rendition of the battle (about 3 minutes worth) I have ever seen.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC_0616.jpg Views:	1 Size:	57.7 KB ID:	367055
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    From the Movie Gettysburg: One of the best movie scenes, and renditions of Little Roundtop ever.

    The left flank of the entire Union army, lay on Little Roundtop. Regiments from Alabama charged up the hill many times against the federals who had arrived there just minutes before the destruction of the army. After hours of heavy fighting Northern regiments were running out of ammunition, and the Alabamians, as tired as they were, were threatening to overtake the federal positions. One regiment, the 20th Maine, was totally out of ammunition, and charged down the hill with Bayonets fixed, and drove the rebels down the hill, taking many prisoners.
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    "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


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      Cool. Antietam holds personal meaning to me as my great-great grandfather, serving in Battery D, First Rhode Island Light Artillary, was killed by a Confederate sniper while his battery was crossing Miller's cornfield. My great-great grandfather was one of thousands of Irish immigrants who enlisted in the Union army.

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        "The site of the bloodiest single day combat during the entire Civil War."

        Antietam was also the single bloodiest day in American history....
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          Thanks Ethan, Thanks Charlie, Some great history there.
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            Good thread. When I think about how many men died some of these days, it just really is hard to imagine the horror
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              The logistics of the bloody 12 hr. fight at Antietam

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                thanks for sharing.


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                  Waiting for your book Ethan to be published . I think if you include your wonderful photographs it will fly off the shelf .
                  Also you can make what us old timers call a coffee table addition . Nice get together conversational piece .
                  Ill be watching .


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                    I am already accumulating several artifacts for a historical piece I will be posting July 1-3.