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Mail find took 419 millions to get here.

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  • Mail find took 419 millions to get here.

    Got this Gerastos granulosus trilobite today. It's from the Devonian about 400 million years ago. Had one that was about a 7 and this one is a good 10. Perfect eyes and preservation .excellent preservation and preparation with no restoration.

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    My o my o thinketh thou art ole nerd....

    P.S. Is this considered “high-jacking a thread”? Lemme know, and I’ll take down immediately!
    My friend gave me store-bought gift. Assumed was replica?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	1C308F87-2F1B-4DD7-8F84-912842F21BBC.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	50.3 KB ID:	388868
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      Shark tooth could be real. Without it in hand I wont say. Ole nerd is an understatement.
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      Smart. I don’t commit to much, even when I know I know! Thank you, clever, generous, eclectic ole nerd.

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      Definitely a Moroccan auriculatis tooth... We call em ricks in NC...the bi cusp makes id easy...tan color gives away location... Love matrix teeth!
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    That is really something to have . To be able to look at that everyday . Wow


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      Very nice specimen! What a treasure trove Morroco is, for fossils, for meteorites, Neolithic points, just a wonderland. Trilobites will always be my first love:
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        Nice fossil! That's really cool!

        If the universe is only 14 billion years old, why is it 92 billion light years across?

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