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Does anyone like old fishing lures ?

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  • Does anyone like old fishing lures ?

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    east Tx.

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    Hey Rodney, That's a real nice collection!
    Michigan Yooper
    If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


    • hudson
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      Thanks Ron

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    Love 'em!! I put a few on an old bamboo pole and hung it over an archway... Click image for larger version

Name:	20210110_170307.jpg
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    Professor Shellman
    Tampa Bay


    • Hal Gorges
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      What, no Johnson silver spoon with pork rind..

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    Cool, I fished weedless so I could pull em out of the weeds


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      Those bring back some memories....👍👍
      Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.


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        My Pop gave me some old bait cast reels. One is made of German silver.


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          I think I have a few lures with piranha teeth marks in them. The piranhas would destroy the feathers on our rooster tail lures too.


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            About the strangest lure I can remember was the Heddon Mouse. I've never seen a fish eat a mouse before
            NW Georgia


            • Narrow Way Knapper
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              Large mouth bass will go for it.

            • Rio Del Norte
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              I've seen a big brown trout take a bat that fell in the water...mouse is just an appetizer.

            • SurfaceHunter
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              I used to see the bass jump in Florida for dragon flies that was interesting

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            Nice collection! All I have for old fishing lures is this Busch lure set I picked up at the gun shop about five years ago in the small town of centralia Kansas not to far from home. Couldn't pass it up for 5 bucks I love to fish and love Busch beer so I had to have it lol!
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            • Narrow Way Knapper
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              I've heard of some beer batter fish recipes that sounded pretty good to me.

            • AnheuserBuschh
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              Oh yeah I like beer battered fish but then again I like all kinds of fish lol

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            Well I took some pics of my biggest box. Its a old box I bought back in the 70s. I have 8 more tackle boxes and around 20 poles. All just for me, ha Click image for larger version

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            NW Georgia


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              When I wasn't old enough to drive there was a shop near my home that you could trade for lures 2 for 1 of his. I did a lot of trading like the lures in the plastic box I think they are pretty old. The creek chub and orginal box i caught my first bass on it at a cub scout outing. You can see it cost $1.75 new.
              NW Georgia


              • Cecilia
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                Very cool 2-for-1 lure story!…bet store and proprietor are stories, too

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              Have a dozen or so from 40 and 50s. Some wood ones but most of them have pike bites.


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                Nice I have a collection or two of old fishing luers and tackle .
                New Jersey


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                  I have my grandfather's ww2 era heddon lures, but only one killer lure, a 1910 heddon! I'll have to get a picture up...
                  North Carolina


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                    I only have one... a triple barb my Standard poodle swallowed whole and then heaved up in the middle of the night. When I realized what he had swallowed I almost had a heart attack! Thank goodness it came up the way it went down!
                    Child of the tides