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Metal detecting 101.

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    Hey Bruce, hope your well

    Can i pick ya brains for a moment? As our resident expert.
    If someone wanted to start a little detecting what would you say was the best detector to purchase as an entry level model?
    And what kind of kit would they need?

    Many thanks in advance


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    • 2ndoldman
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      My first question would be what is your budget and then I would ask where you want to detect i.e. beach, park or field. If your plan is for parks and fields you would be wise to budget for a pinpointer in addition to a digger (preferably hand and not shovel) as well as something to hold your finds. (Please remember that I tell everyone to remove the trash that you dig). If your plan is to hunt beaches then a long handled sand scoop is the preferred way to go.

    • LucasBMylks
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      hey Bruce

      I would say fields (i have seen what you call parks in your post and i can tell you this side of the water i`d call that a nature reserve lol all our parks have nice little fences round them and a bloke who shouts `keep off the grass`!!
      As for budget thats kinda what i was asking. As in most things the cheaper things just aint worth having or using and the most expensive stuff is only of use to the real pros. I saw the coil you won in that competition an man thats a whole lot of dollars (well done btw)

    • 2ndoldman
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      Being in England is like living in the land of OZ for metal detecting.
      You are so correct in thinking that going cheap is a waste of time. And going whole hog like I did is definitely not for everyone.
      I have heard good things about both NOKTA and MAKRO detectors. Also Minelab will be shipping the new Equinox detector in the early spring of next year.
      These three detectors are middle of the road price wise yet they are all very decent machines.
      OH and by the way a light long handled shovel is best for English fields.
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