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The fickle finger of fate.

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  • The fickle finger of fate.

    Seems to keep saying NAH AH more and more recently.
    As you all know on Saturday my arm cuff went kerflooey and cut my hunt short.
    Well on Sunday with a temp fix for the missing bolt I hit the water again. I was only out in the water for a little more than an hour when Indy aka Jamie showed up and I headed in to shore to chat.
    Only to find out that someone had walked off with my bag (NAH AH)

    that I leave on shore to cart away the broken glass in that I find. Well my car keys were in that bag and if Jamie had not been there I would have been stranded. :ty: Jamie I appreciated the lift to get my spare keys. But that was another wasted day. :comp: :comp: I hate thieves.
    So yesterday was a little better but like most of us most of what I find is only good for the recycle bin.
    More lead.

    And brass.

    And broken bits of the past. This one is from when the parliament buildings were know as the bird cages.

    Fake gold rings, broken keys, newer tags and parts of spinners is common.

    So are broken and busted bits of militaria, buckles and such.

    Some of it cleans up
    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?

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    Later in the evening I headed out to cash in on the beer bottles and cans that were rattling around in my trunk and decided to do a little clad hunting as well for some extra gas money. $3.55 of this was from the recycling

      Getting both bored and tired I decided to move off of the sports field and start making my way home.
    Never one to pass on a deep target even if the ground is a little tough to dig I find a nice little spill.

      Replace the plug and rescan. Not 4" away is this.

    Here they are after a night long hydrogen peroxide bath.

      So I get up feeling good this morning and head on out to a beach that has been very good in the past and with an ultra low tide this morning I am expecting good finds.
    NAH AH

      The place is loaded with seaweed and the water is even worse.

    3 miserable slippery hours later and all I have is a crap load of pull tabs :sad: and this pocket knife.

      Damn you finger. :angry:  :angry:  :angry:
    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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      Thumbs up rupee though! :laugh:


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        JoshinMO wrote: Thumbs up rupee though! :laugh:
        That one was a complete surprise Josh. I thought it was a quarter. :crazy:
        In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?