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  • Yesterday's Hunt

    I went out with My dad and my cousin for a fathers day hunt. I did not find much, they did ok with Dad finding a metal point and a sweet Prairie side notch a few tinklers, My cousin found two metal points a brass button and a tinkler. Sorry no pic's I found a tip to a metal point a few pony beads and a corner notch point that was beat up fighting with something and left it with a bad impact fracture and a percussion cap. I did pick up two choppers, got a pic of the point and a bead in
    situ. Took a couple of pic's of the cactus in bloom.

    Look to the ground for it holds the past!

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    Awesome Fathers Day Hunt! Mine did not go as well..


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      Good day chase.. Ive been keeping a eye out for little beads the past 5 years or so but cant seems to find any.. I know they are around my area as i seen a old timers collection that had a few dozen in it and i walk the same fields he use to walk..
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        Are you on your knees hunting for those beads Chase? :dunno:  Those things are absolutely tiny.  :crazy:
        I like the profile of the chopper you are holding.  :crazy:
        Next time Chase. 
          You had darn well better get pics of your dad's finds. 

        That would have been a sweet find if the corner notched piece was whole.

        In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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          Nice Fathers day Chase! Your Dad just has to love spending time with you on a day like this. Cool.
          Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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            gregszybala wrote: Nice Fathers day Chase! Your Dad just has to love spending time with you on a day like this. Cool.
            Cool :blink:  Cool  :woohoo:  Cool :crazy:  naw it was hot very hot had to drink water like it was running through a faucet, My dad has oldtimers and wanders off into a direction and it takes me hours to find him, luckily he had a radio to call him back. Really it is my treat to go out and do a hunt. I just wish I am that way at his age. Funny side note he dose not bring his hearing aids when metal detecting, he can hear the beep but heck it makes it hard to talk with him. I ask something then I get a yes, ten minutes later he says like he is telling me something and in a around about way answers. Really when he heads out we dont meet back for hours but he is sharp a tack and I do not worry.
            Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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              Eagle eye on the beads Chase.


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                Looks like y'all had a good hunt! I chuckled at your story about how your dad takes off on his own, reminds me of my papaw. It'd take something pretty tough to take that him down though. I'm amazed at how Y'all find those small beads too, but they are super cool! That's a good fathers Day hunt, Thanks for sharing it with us!
                Josh (Ky/Tn collector)