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The signals are thinning out.

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  • The signals are thinning out.

    But they are not completely gone and I have not lost all hope of finding one of the missing keys yet.
    For the last month or so I have been working an area no larger than 150' X 150' and about 90% of my finds have come from this area.
    As I said the signals are finally thinning out but where there are signals there is hope.
    The brass lead and copper from the last 2 days. The large shotgun shell is a Winchester 10 gauge.

    I believe this is part of an old pen.

    The style is very similar.

    One Wednesday I was accompanied into the water by Jamie aka Indy and he made note that I had found one of every coin from a penny to a quarter.
    The nickle is so worn that I can't even tell what country it's from.

    The LC on the left is from Thursday's hunt. It is another dateless George the 5th And I think that from now on I will leave the crust on the saltwater silver finds. It would kill me to find out that one of them was a destroyed 1901 Barber quarter.

    I went out for a lazy walk with the CTX last night. Not really searching in earnest and just killing time but I did manage to find a silver that actually looks silver.

    I hope everyone takes it easy during the hot days of summer. I plan on beating the heat by staying in the water.
    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?