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  • Stuff And things.

    Stuff is what we find most often. It is usually the stuff that people no longer want and are too lazy to take over to a garbage can.
    Things are what we look for though. Things that people loose in particular.
    Today I went for another good old fashioned clad hunt.
    I like to call it hunt the grunt.
    Since our modern clad is basically steel wrapped in a less than paper thing pretty wrapping,
    most of our Canadian clad is nothing more than a grunt on the CTX.
    Today I was swinging the 17 inch coil and I reduced my sensitivity to three.
    This way I was only getting hits from near surface targets if they were coin sized.
    To confirm this I grabbed the pinpointer and only retrieved the target if the pinpointer picked it up.
    I was out in the middle of the field when Mike aka GeofunMW came walking up to me.
    Just as he walked up my phone rang and it was my daughter calling to say hi and let me know what had happened in her day.
    Mike waited calmly during the phone call but got a strange look on his face when while still on the phone I proceeded to continue detecting and find three Loonies.
    He waved good by and took off. Not long after he and both of his sons showed up ready to play.
    Please say hello to Mike and his crew. PS Mike is a firefighter with the department of defense Click image for larger version

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    OK back to stuff. This is the stuff that I pulled today. Click image for larger version

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ID:	173627 These are the strange things that I found today. Both of the old pennies were sitting right on top of the grass. Click image for larger version

Name:	phpaiPWaLPM.jpg
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ID:	173628 And these are the things that I was searching for. $58.52 Click image for larger version

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    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?

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    Nice lot of pocket Change! Have you considered opening a used hardware store Bruce?
    If the women don\'t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.


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      Have you considered opening a Bank?
      \"Of all the things I\'ve lost, I miss my mind the most.\"