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  • Please advise?

    WHat is a good brand of detector at a reasonable price that would work for civil war era artifacts. I just got permission to hunt an area which is probably several hundred acres. It is in hay right now but the guy told me as soon as they cut the hay down I am free to wander the wide open spaces.
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    Ps I do own a cheapo but I never had much success with it. It is a Bounty Hunter model. It was a gift from my Daughter so I have to love it but I dont have to use it. LOL
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      Hoss, Those that metal detect have a detector preference. The three to look at are Minelab Garrett or Whites. All three have moderate priced detectors. I dont know which one to tell you to get. But if you can try out a detector by renting it first will give you a feel on how to use it. Buy the bust you can afford and then learn the detector. Headphones are IMO a must. and digging tools. A pointfinder can make finding items quicker but not a must. Learn the different signals and dig all signals. You will find a lot of trash but that will also help with learning the different signal tones.
      Bruce, should be replying as well and will be of a great help.
      HH hoss
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        Matt, what is your definition of "reasonable price"?
        Knowing your budget will help.
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          Matt, wish you lived closer; I'd give you ours! Used once, hurt hubby's shoulders (actually think it's hubby's tubby but won't go there) & he hasn't touch it since.
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            Garrett Pro, around $350. As a starter, I got the Bounty Hunter also but with only three tones it is hard to distinguish between the metals.
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