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I have a confession to make.

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  • I have a confession to make.

    I am a metal detecting dig-a-holic. I am also a selfish SOB.
    What I mean by that is that I hate leaving anything behind to be found by others. If my coil is over top of a target I want to know if it is diggable or if it should be ignored.
    One month ago I received the 14 X 9 Coiltek coil for the CTX and boy what a game changer this coil is. My initial impression of the 14 X 9 was that it is about two ounces heavier that the Minelab 17 inch coil.
    That extra weight can easily be balanced out nicely by simply shortening the shaft on the CTX by half an inch. By the way that extra weight is a bonus to those of you who hunt hay fields. The extra weight allows the coil to comfortably ride over the long stubble without bouncing around and it is not susceptible to falsing by the occasional bump into any thicker stalks. The second observation I made is that it is less susceptible to EMI noise. And it runs hotter than any stock coil. To explain that you need to know that I run wide open in auto +3. In areas where the 17 inch Minelab coil will max out at 21 or 22 the 14 X 9 Coiltek coil allows the CTX to easily run automatically at 23 or 24 with no chatter at all. The size of the 14 X9 is perfect. It is larger than the stock 11 inch coil therefore covering more ground easily and yet shorter than the 17 inch coil so less likely to cover multiple targets at the same time which inevitably leads to keepers being masked out.
    The biggest improvement in my mind is separation and tonal response. If you think of sound like taste you might start to get a sense of what a difference it makes to the CTX. My programs are set to combined audio, which is basically a five tone audio setting. The CTX has always given me much more tonal information than simply five tones though.
    And now that I am running the 14 X 9 coil on the CTX all of the time there are even more subtle changes within those tones. There are different textures/flavors within those five tones that can sometimes be attributed to the age of the target and sometimes to the solidity of the target. Two examples of common targets come to mind, old brass cartridge casings and aluminum pull tabs. Both of these targets will give off a hollow feeling tone which is quite different from other items in the same TID range. Sorry for digressing there, this is a post about the Coiltek 14 X 9 and the finds that we all want to make. Cash in the bank and keepers in the collection.
    As stated earlier if it is under my coil I want it. I don’t care if it is a stinking Lincoln, a rotting zincoid blob or a true copper penny. If the bank takes it I want it.
    635 pennies. Click image for larger version

Name:	1.jpg
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    For all of my friends in the States, you guys have it easy when it comes to coin shooting. Up here in Canada our coins changed to materials that the CTX commonly ignores as viable targets. From 1968 to 1999 our nickels, dimes and quarters were 99% Nickel. And then in 2000 all of our small change became steel disks that rot in the ground. Click image for larger version

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    Previous to using the Coiltek coils my detecting was usually separated into two types. Surface clad hunting and deeper relic hunting. What was missing was the deeper clad. The Coiltek coil has changed that in a way that I did not expect. The older nickel based coins now sing out with a very peculiar warble. The only way to describe it is that the sound rapidly transitions back and forth between a low tone and a high tone. Once I became familiar with that sound the older clad coin count went up tremendously while still looking for deep keepers.
    66 nickels Click image for larger version

Name:	3.jpg
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    122 dimes Click image for larger version

Name:	4.jpg
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    77 quarters Click image for larger version

Name:	5.jpg
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    37 loonies Click image for larger version

Name:	6.jpg
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    And 18 toonies for a one month total of $114.10 going into the bank. Click image for larger version

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    Getting back to that age thing that I mentioned earlier. There are subtle changes to the tones that would normally fall into what I call the penny zone. The stock Minelab coils see things within a certain TID range and assign the tones accordingly. Whereas the Coiltek coil seems to allow for the separation of different things. These two examples are from yesterday’s hunt. These older green pennies gave off a very mellow, almost as though aged high tone. Click image for larger version

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    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?

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    While the silver dime gave off a very crisp sharp high tone. Click image for larger version

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    What this will mean to some of you is that now you can target the older small copper coins like these without having to dig the newer ones if you don’t want to.These were found earlier with the Coiltek 5 X 10" coil. Click image for larger version

Name:	10.jpg
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ID:	269122 OK. Time to get on with this month’s keepers.
    The sweet high tone is still there for the old large copper coins and brass relics like the 1901 dog tag and the 1906 G A R pendant. Click image for larger version

Name:	11.jpg
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    And when you throw in the 21 silver coins, 5 silver rings, 2 silver pendants, 2 silver pins, 2 gold rings and 1 gold pendant this has been a very good month. Click image for larger version

Name:	12.jpg
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ID:	269124Click image for larger version

Name:	13.jpg
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ID:	269125 To keep this result in perspective you have to realize that at no time was I working new ground. All of the places I hit this month have been detected by myself and others many times over.

    CONS The 14 X 9 is heavier than the Minelab 17” coil.
    PROS That extra weight can be balanced out by shortening the shaft on the CTX by a half an inch.
    CONS It is shorter by 3” .
    PROS There is less chance of a target being masked due to multiple targets under the coil at the same time.
    CONS It loves old iron.
    PROS That can be a blessing for those back east looking for fur trade items and cannonballs.

    Where can you get one of these coils? If you live in Canada there is only one place, and that is Radioworld. I suggest that you contact either Diane or Tim and get one on order before spring because it takes time to import them from Australia. If you are in the States there are a number of places that will carry Coiltek coils.
    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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      Almost makes me want to trade my Garret detectors for a Minelab but I don't use them that much so they do the job so I will hang on to them and find most of the good stuff. Thanks Bruce for interesting post again.
      South East Ga. Twin City


      • 2ndoldman
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        You have the right attitude my friend. 👍👍👍

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      As always, I am fascinated by your fascination, and the treasure you find is amazing.
      Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.


      • 2ndoldman
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        Thanks Jason. It really does surprise me when I look at the stuff piled up all together.

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      Great thread Bruce. Always interesting and an enjoyable read.


      • 2ndoldman
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        Thank you David.

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      That’s a lot of digging. I still think we should go after that buried treasure I mentioned earlier.


      • Jethro355
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        I will go as a porter/Man servant. I’m real good with a shovel, and I have a strong back and a weak I make the perfect Stepin Fetchit.

        I don’t want a share of the treasure. I just like finding stuff somebody else’s lost or hid., it makes me feel smart.🤓

      • 2ndoldman
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        Gary, I am sorry for not replying earlier.
        It would be an honour to meet you some day and I would enjoy the treasure hunt no matter if it were found or not.