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  • trash talk,no pictures.

    got to go hunting about 4 times after finding the texaco sign at different home sites that are long gone.( digging flowers and rock hunting and training wild hog hunting dogs is taking a lot of my free time and i have had some good luck this year) i hit the spot that gave up the sign and pulled two garden tools and a bunch of square nails. this site was a local hangout for the night time drinkers for the last 30 years so the pull tabs and beer cans are everywhere about 4 inches deep. i said the heck with it and started digging all the nickel/pull tab signals the 3 hit was a 1939 buff nickle it got me so fired up i ended up digging about 40 tabs but the tabs always gave just a little different signal. the next spot i hit gave up nothing but iron junk and a 1961 lincoln penny. next spot gave up a bunch of lincoln pennys and lots of potted meat cans ,bullets and shotgun shells. last spot i hit was a old home site far off the beaten path, started finding lots of iron plow parts,lead round ball bullets and some brass and copper parts then i hit a penny, 1920 then a 1911d the sky started getting dark and i could hear thunder and i hit a quarter signal and it was showing 8 inches deep. then the lighten started popping. i marked my spot and got back to it the next day, a dang small wheel barrel wheel. i will hit this spot some more for it gets to hot. the welding job i had last year just got to crazy it got to where i was working 7 ten hours days +overtime and the job was an hour drive from my home so i quit the first of December. i made some killer money but in the long run it was not worth it. the next job if i find one will be close to home and no more than 40 hours a week. i will post a picture for to long of my finds metal and arrowheads(killer red greenbrier and dalton). good luck every one!!!!!!!!!

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    That is a great story and I look forward to seeing your pictures.
    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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      Ya know I was kinda thinking about all the stuff that you swingers dig up and it is just useless. The mountains of scrap that I have seen Bruce post up really shows the patience and perseverance that you folks have. Its kinda like the surface hunter (present company) that passes by thousands of flakes and then...there it is...and ya knew you were close. However we just flip it with a stick. You have to dig to see the result but when you unearth that coin or trinket the rush is just the same...right on...keep a'swinging...and hey post up those finds...stone and metal...
      The chase is better than the catch...
      I'm Frank and I'm from the flatlands of N'Eastern Illinois...


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        Amen brother. One of these days I will be able walk a field or two with many of you folks down south. And hopefully I will get my share of lithic thrills too.

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      Kind of tells a story . The drinking house was potted meat and drink lol and the other house was normal living . I would of loved a job that was only 40 hours a week .
      To me that sounds like a dream. Hard work all my life some 14 hr days in management .
      Finally retired .
      My husband welded in his younger years and did those 7/12’s for 3 months straight . Now I need a day off he can do it .