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Metal detecting with Bruce

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  • Metal detecting with Bruce

    Had a great time trying my hand at metal detecting with Bruce. It won't be my last!
    NO where near the finds Bruce dug up, I excelled at pop tops, beer cans and old farm machinery parts but I did score a couple of interesting finds.
    Brass button and spent lead
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190602_072824.jpg
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    Civil war infantry brass button
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190529_183905.jpg
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    This little point
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190529_184005.jpg
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    And that's Bruce in the distance
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190528_113022 (1).jpg
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    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan

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    Great finds!

    That brass infantry button is somewhat common, but an excellent find. The ones with "I"s in the center were worn by officers.

    Bruce, you are getting one of the best tours of America right now!
    "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


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      That corn y’all walking in ? Here walking planted fields is strictly forbidden ... After harvest is the only time we are allowed in... If we get caught even where we’ve got permission while crops are in the field , that will be the last hunt there... I’ve never really understood why these producers are that way... It is what it is and we must respect their wishes or be made to do so.... Y’all really did good, looks like a lot of fun !


      • CMD
        CMD commented
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        I'm allowed, but it required permission first. I know the twin ripples that denote where the seed is laid, so I can walk before it pops, and once it pops, then you can't miss it. Corn's the best, as you have lots of time and chances for rain before it gets too tall and thick to see the ground.

      • gregszybala
        gregszybala commented
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        Depends upon the farmer but the majority here don't mind me walking up to knee high corn and nearly the same with beans then I stay out till harvest.

      • BabaORiley
        BabaORiley commented
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        Same here with our farmers. I can walk rows until it gets too high. Farmers are fine with it. One even said I could step on the beans up til a certain time but I still avoid it just to keep good practice.

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      Love the patina -on that button!!


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        Hey Greg, Those are some nice finds. Metal detecting is fun. I have only done a little detecting on home soil.
        Michigan Yooper
        If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


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          I had a blast out there with you Greg.
          And to be honest I am still jealous of the infantry button.
          Hopefully we can do it again my friend.
          In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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            Nice that you guys were able to get together and enjoy both hobbies, and the friendship. Must have been a great time.
            Rhode Island


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              Great finds Greg the button is very cool!


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                A Civil War button in your area is rare since there weren’t any battles that far north. Cool find.


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                  Bruce was fun to metal detect with and also hunt for arrowheads with, I am sure you two had a blast and you have some nice finds also.


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                    Nice finds Greg ...looks like Bruce learned ya good. .. cool point too


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                      The Hoosier and the Canuck in a field together...looks like a good day some cool finds and a point also.
                      The chase is better than the catch...
                      I'm Frank and I'm from the flatlands of N'Eastern Illinois...