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  • Was hoping

    Santa was gonna bring me a metal detector. Done it when I was a kid, But after seeing yalls posts I have been wanting to get into it a bit again. Well guess Ill have to get my own. What are some decent starter models that wont break the bank?

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    Hello Fla Hillbilly.....yes there are hillbillies in Florida.....ever heard of the Redneck Riviera..... That's where I go to vacation for the last 45 years. I have kinfolk in Fla.
    I am an advid Coinshooter metal detectorist.... Love to Coin Shoot PCB. Have found tons of coins, silver jewelry,and 1 Diamond Ring about 2 years ago. A young
    lady lost it when she flipped her blanket. Felt good finding it for her.

    I have a Minelab Safari Full Band Spectrum Machine @1K. I also have an entry model Minelab Exterra 305 which was about $250 - $300. It is a good Coinshooter for
    the money. It will go down about 8 to 10 inches with a good double D coil. The Safari is a beast and can go down about a foot or more.

    The new Metal detectors are much better than the older machines. I will tell you that you should get one for as much as you can possible afford until it hurts. Invest in
    a good large double D coil. I would tell you that Minelab is a major machine maker and If I were going to get another one I would go with the Equinox 800. It is
    completely waterproof, wireless headphones (headphones are better) than not wearing them. You can hear faint sounds with them. I have picked up a couple of Barber Quarters
    like that. The Equinox 800 is about $900.00 or so BUT if you are a veteran you can get 15% off all minelab machines. Go to They are located in Florida, I get all
    my stuff from them. They will help you out, and you can cruise their website......bunches of detectors and stuff..........


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      Minelab also makes a little brother to the Equinox 800.......the Equinox 600. It's somewhat cheaper without the frills.


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        Check out one of the Minelab Vanquishes.. I would have suggested Tesoro but they are out of business......!!!!!! ‚Äč
        Professor Shellman
        Tampa Bay


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          The Vanguish is excellent starter......comes with a nice double D coil and Bluetooth tech......wireless headphones. If you can afford it the Equinox 600/800 is your next bet. Both
          have multiple ID freq.

          Good call there....tomclark


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            Thanks for the info. I will check them out.