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    I have been really busy these past two days helping my mom with Hunters Ed classes and demos and things. Today after church, I got a nice big rock I found on top of a large hill, and began pecking at it to make a grinding bowl. I pecked at it for almost three hours and then smoothed it out with a piece of railroad ballast. Next I made a little grinder out of another rock I found. While I was pecking, I heard a screech and looked up and saw a bald eagle. It circled the house about 20 feet up in the air, then flew off about two minutes later. It was really amazing to see that big, majestic bird. Anyways, here are my finished products.

    Click image for larger version

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    That bowl must weigh at least 20 lbs!
    "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee

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    You made that bowl? Hey Great job bud!
    call me Jay, i live in R.I.


    • Kentucky point
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      Yes, and it took a while. I took that Serpentine you got me, and finished making a pendant just now. I lit a campfire and grinded it in the dark. I'll send you a pic tomorrow afternoon once I get some mineral oil.

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      Btw, you won’t find mineral oil in a hardware store, check a pharmacy in the laxitive area,lol. It took me a few trips out till I hunted it down myself

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    Came out nice. And cool seeing that eagle I bet


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      I'll take a better pic of the bowl once I get some sunlight. Because there is no side lighting, the pic lacks depth, and the deepness of the bowl is lost.
      "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


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        Hey Ethan, Nice Mortar and Pestle. Now you can make cornmeal. I bet the Eagle was curious about the sound of the pecking. I have seen animals and birds check out the sound of my knapping many times.
        Michigan Yooper
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          Very nice Ethan ..great experience to . I love it , it looks authentic . Your mom
          teaches hunting ? That’s a story I want to hear really . Before I even knew what a nutting stone was well here is my story . The kids and I collected some macadamia nuts up in the hills . Dried them and went to work
          We took a large piece of lava put the nut in it and hit it with another piece , kind of your scale . So after 30 nuts you start to get an impression in the big one like a NA nutting stone . So when I found my first one after reading about them it all clicked . What a weird feeling that I had emulated the NA . Just came natural .
          Now you can use that for your holiday nuts