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when boredom sets in

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  • when boredom sets in

    slept in today since i didnt have to work.
    got up about 7:30 am to see snow on the ground
    drank my coffee,took the dog out to do his duty
    then cleared the snow from the driveway and walk ways

    then i got bored,so decided i would do a little knapping
    which i havent been doing much of as of late

    i started off with a hand sized nodule of texas geaoge town flint
    used direct percussion with a moose billet to reduce it down make a biface
    then switch to a copper bopper for further reduction and shaping
    switched to pressure flaking for the final shaping and finish work

    i had wanted a Dalton but while pressure flaking near the base a flake took out a fairly large piece and i had to switch my plans up
    i looked it over and decided i would go for an eared Eden instead.
    it does have a median ridge,the base is ground and i did grind in on the sides of the base and not flake them in(which from my research was the correct way)

    after about 2 hours worth of work this is my finished product
    any hoo enough blabbering
    heres a pic of my days work

    Click image for larger version

Name:	100_3691.JPG
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    as always

    thanks for looking

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    That's a cool blade! Ya gotta get back to knapping, it's fun ya know! :-)
    "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


    • sneakygroundbuzzard
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      thank you. ya i know its of my favorite pass times. but you got to have the free time to do free time is limited.

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    That’s a beauty of a blade Sneaky
    call me Jay, i live in R.I.


    • sneakygroundbuzzard
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      thanks Jay. im gonna find either right piece of antler or bone and haft this one up.
      gotta edge this one yet too

    • OnewiththewilD
      OnewiththewilD commented
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      I look forward to seeing it hafted! I think next turkey or deer you harvest you really gotta try it out.

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    Hey Tim, That's a real nice looking knife. Good to see that you found some time for knapping Buddy. I woke to a snow cover this morning too.
    Michigan Yooper
    If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


    • sneakygroundbuzzard
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      thanks Ron. i really wish i had more free time to knap. but such is life,gotta drive truck to pay bills,and trying to get my own gun training business up and running is more important than knapping is.

      did i mention "i hate winter" lol

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    Man your a skilled knapper.....that's awesome


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    Nice work Tim, I think you would have made those Paleo Eden knappers quite proud with this one! Thanks for sharing!
    Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


    • sneakygroundbuzzard
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      thanks Josh,this isnt my best eared Eden,but its in the top 2 for sure

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    Very nice blade Tim thanks for sharing.
    TN formerly CT Visit our store


    • sneakygroundbuzzard
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      thanks Hoss, wish i could get bored more often lol

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    Really a beautiful point you made Tim. I stand in awe of knappers like you and Ron.