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    I recently returned from my cabin in West TN were my wife and I spent about 10 mostly wonderful days. I spent some time searching for Horse Creek chert , no luck, so I went to a couple of Buffalo river chert spots that I know and got a little bit of that instead but I will find the Horse creek eventually. Most mornings I spent a couple hours looking for artifacts and on this trip I found the 1st complete point I have found in 35 years so that was cool but I think my favorite part was every afternoon I sat under the oak tree next to my cabin in the 75 degree light breeze and knapped. I made small points so it didn't consume too much time and from time to time I would stop, look around and just enjoy the moment. I have included some pictures of the trip and points.

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    This is the view from under the oak tree


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      And here is the best dog in the world enjoying the outdoors with me and two doe that snuck up on me while I was searching the fields.


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        Hey Scott, That's a good lookin hound and several nice points. What a beautiful area to spend your vacation time.
        Michigan Yooper
        If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


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          Good for u and yours


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            Looks like a good place to be! Cool points with some really nice material! That horse creek is some beautiful material and very hard to find.
            SE ARKANSAS