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Visiting Kerrville, Georgetown, Texas

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  • Visiting Kerrville, Georgetown, Texas

    My wife and I are planning to take a vacation and visit Georgetown, Kerrville and San Antonio this fall. I would like to buy some flint. I am living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My supply of knappable rock has dwindled. Shipping costs to where I live is almost equal to the rock itself, so I would like to buy 10-15 pounds while I am in the area. If you or someone you know living near the places I mention has any interest in selling some rock let me know.

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      Curtis Smith who lives in Fort Worth Texas is on facebook and has Curt's cherts sells good rock and you can buy spalled out pieces and want have to carry a bunch of junk rock back. Craig Ratzat Which has Neolithics a flintknapping supply house and is in Quapaw, Ok. may not be to much out of way on trip down and sells spalls. both would be better than looking around country for rocks. Craig goes to a lot of knappins so i would contact him before trip to see where hi is going to be and if anyone is at buisness. Hope this helps
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