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Texas Chert Flakes seeking supplies, tools, points

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  • Texas Chert Flakes seeking supplies, tools, points

    *edited to avoid payment language and venue address *

    I'm feeling like king of chert mountain here in the Texas hill country and new to flint knapping so I am interested in all sorts of tools and supplies for this new addiction of mine.

    I make boxes of chert/flint flakes and small spalls which are popular online.

    Honestly I feel like I'm helping encourage a significant reawakening of interest in this whole world of primitive skills, crafts, and history because nearly everyone buying rock is young and new to knapping. (and has never even heard of a knap-in)

    So my idea is, I want to include other fun and interesting items in these packages: Arrowheads, feathers, cordage, antler pieces, flakes, other sorts of stone, leather pieces, you get the idea.

    If you have supplies, I have the rock and looking to trade, let's talk!
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    Keep building those mounds! WillJo has several small mountains, I think mostly Southern Coastal. Pictures of them bring out the kid in me, make me wanna climb!

    I applaud you in the spark you are providing others. Maybe you could knap a few pieces, put one in chosen boxes of raw chert. I have rec’d many artifactual gifts from forum members, and everyone has had a bonus item tucked inside! I have been lucky enuf to be able to send botryoidal hematite to several folks who don’t find/dig it up the way I do, and I always print glossy photos of other kinds of hematite to stick in box.
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      Sounds like you are in the business of selling chert. Our forum is not the place for that kind of activity. Buy some space on'


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        Hey Luke, This site has stores for selling items. I would suggest that you open a store. We don't even discuss prices on the forums. Please edit your post and delete the link to your business. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
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          What kind of supplies are you looking for? I'm desperate for some rocks.
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