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Lets see some dog pictures..

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  • Lets see some dog pictures..

    Show us your best friend here..
    This is Jack my 4 year old Elhew pointer..Spoiled rotten in our home but all business in the woods..

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    Nice looking Hunting dog Ron. This one here ain't a hunting dog but he try's to stalk every critter outside bees butter flies song birds wabbit His name is Champ and he weighs in at 7 pounds. Pretty ferocious little guy

    Click image for larger version

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      Almost forgot five lined skink too he loves try to get them
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        heres two of the beasts i share a cave with  :laugh: thats Lucy on the left ( my roomates dog) she's a shiba inu, and the horrible creature on the right is my cat Pretty Girl.

        we all (i live with my best friend and his girl) named the cat Zelda originally, but she likes me the best and i call her pretty girl so it stuck,lol. when i was younger and still lived at home we had a pure bred jack russell terrier named P.B.Max, awesome dog and friend and i still miss him! and before him we had a great dane named Sisee (dont know how she got that name) here my buddys girl also has a old grumpy chiwawa named "ahem" Guchie,lol.
        call me Jay, i live in R.I.


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   day i hope to have a Lab! great pics!
            call me Jay, i live in R.I.


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              Thank you.  Those are my babies.  They behave better than most children.  They sleep at the foot of our bed, go everywhere we go and live to retrieve.  They have been an absollute joy in my life.  Unfortunately time is not in any of our favor so I try to soak up every minute I can with them.


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                My Jude. :laugh:

                Hes like 13! hmy:  :laugh:


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                  Don't let these two darlings fool you. They are incredible hunters. Chloe chases and Daisy flanks. They have taken down full grown deer, fox, raccoon, and groundhogs. I have learned to let them off the leash one at a time. With people they are as gentle as can be.


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                    This is Libby. Retired hog dog. She is pure love. The sweetest dog ever. She hears ya coming through the house and she's waiting at the door for ya. You sit down and start petting her she'll be in your lap. Thanks.
                    Oh and you've never seen a better rabbit chase. She is fast. Well maybe you have but I haven't.


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                      Lots of great  'best friends' (and photos) posted!
                      I've always loved all types of animals - 'working dogs', mixed breeds, cats, birds: you name it
                      I don't have too many photos, but did dig out a few - funny how we fall in love with these critters..
                      This was my last dog: Boo Boo (no, I didn't name him), an Australian Shepard. I swear that this breed can read a person's mind - he could act before anyting was said to him. He was an animal lover also - when he was outside on a chain, he'd let wild rabbits come up and sit right beside him, or let box turtles climb into his food bowl, eat their fill, then saunter off. He had quite a few regular neighborhood 'pals'. One bad habit he had was climbing ladders - it didn't matter how tall: can't number the times I had to carry him down from a roof.   Here he is with my sister and her old mixed breed Shepard.

                        One of me (after an entire nite of partying) , and three orphaned crows that I raised -and- released.

                      This is Boots: the alpha male from a litter of 13 pups.  He was a bad-ass: If he didn't know or trust you, you weren't allowed near the kids - PERIOD!

                      A little background for this pic: I lived in a 150 year old schoolhouse with my brother and a bunch of people (included 5 dogs -and- three cats). It was a motorcycle in the living rm. kind of place: we kept bees/made mead, had a beautiful 17' diameter tee pee, a forge (one guy was a farrier), and had 'stuff' growing on the roof When it was too cold for our regular knife/axe throwing tournaments, we were usually throwing darts inside. Our home-made double 55 gal. drum Yukon stove would often get crazy hot (glowing cherry-red): to cool it off (and to increase humidity) we would just hit it with a whole bucket of water - instant atmospheric change!  Anyway, that kind of place.
                      This is Gunther (my brother's dog - on left) and Boots 'not getting on the couch'

                      One of my cat from the same house

                      Here's an  interesting article I recently ran across - 74 lashes for us I guess. The fookers in charge over there will go to any lengths to make the populace miserable!

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                        This is Sissy Lou, she never complains about the cold, the rain, the mud. spends all her time while in the field digging mice. she gets them too!
                        She is a lab,chow,pitt mix. has the puple tunge.


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                          Those are all wonderful pics and sweet babies! Give them all a hug for me.
                          Olden, I know what you mean about Aussies being able to rad your mind. I had a male named Isaac i got when he was 6 weeks old. Had him for 13 years til he passed this last Feb. He was a SAR dog and I swear we could just look at each other and know what the other was thinking. I miss him every day.
                          Thank you all for sharing your sweeties.


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                            Great pics everyone. Unfortunately this thread won't allow me to post a pic. :crazy:
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                              Do coyotes count? I snuck up on this critter with ninja like precision and got this pic.  :whistle: