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  • Jerusalem

    I promised a few pictures. Don't worry, out of the 1500 or so I have, I'll only show a few. This picture is one that most are familiar with. It is taken from the Mount of
    Olives, and it views the Old City of Jerusalem. In the bottom of the picture you see a Jewish Cemetery. The whole side of the Mount of Olives facing west are tombs.
    As you gaze across to the old walls of the City, rebuilt by King Herod, you notice the Kidron Valley separating the Mt of Olives and the Temple Mound. This valley
    runs east through the Judean desert to the Dead Sea. Old testament prophesy says that water will flow from the Temple mound to the Dead Sea, through this valley, making the Dead sea alive. If you look to the middle right of the photo, you see the Eastern Gates of the city. Right below these gates are a muslim cemetery. The muslims put this cemetery here, because another prophesy says that the Messiah will come to them on the Mount of Olives, and enter the Temple Mound through the Eastern Gate. The muslims believe the dead bodies placed there will prevent this from happening. You can see the wall, and the Dome of the Rock, which covers the Temple Mound. In a treaty with Israel after the 6-day war, The Temple mound was left in Jordanian control. Israeli police, police it, but Jordanians decide who can come and go from it. It is complicated. I hope I got that all right. Trying to remember everything the tour guide said.
    South Dakota