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    In the midst of it now. Trying to keep up with what is piling up in front of my car, out in the parking lot, as I have a doctor's appointment Wed., and this is, by far, the heaviest and wettest snow I have ever seen. It's just like a slushy cement. Plow crew is doing a good job with repeated plowing of our lot, but I need to go out and clear in front of my car every time they do, or it will be absolutely impossible to deal with it on Wed. Snowing 100% horizontally too....
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      Charlie - been watching the weather reports and y'all are getting hammered again for the 3rd time. Crazy weather. I had to laugh when this all started because my brother and his wife just recently moved back to RI after 2 years in Florida. Couldn't take the heat, depressed economy (compared to RI) she's a realtor and the hurricane weather. I'm gonna text him this morning and send him a smiley face welcoming him back to RI. They live around the Blackstone/Woonsocket area. You be careful shoveling that snow and don't over do it.
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