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Virus activity on the "other" site....

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  • Virus activity on the "other" site....

    I know several of us, if not most of us, also visit the arrowheadology site. I use Chrome and have Adblock and Miner Block installed in the browser. EVERY time I visit their site I get warnings. Either a coin miner is blocked or a malicious website redirect ( RU address!). Every time. Today the miner doesn't try to load and no warning from Miner Block so I think they are trying to get rid of it, but Adblock is giving a warning as usual. It certainly doesn't make me feel safe there. So glad the webmaster here does a great job to keep this crap out of the site... THANK YOU!
    Be safe out there and get protections.
    Chrome extensions Adblock and Miner Block
    Professor Shellman
    Tampa Bay

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    I have a similar experience with my virus program on there also
    South East Ga. Twin City


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      Bytefence and Avast are a couple of antivirus/malware programs that are on my computer now after i had problems with Chrome (i thought chrome kind of expired) and then got Chromium and Opera, anyway the programs are always going off at other sites (free movie's is one of them) not that I have been to arrowheadology in months.

      My Computer talk's and say's Threat Detected, then Threat Eliminated.


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        Josh, would you log in there and see what your programs pick up?? Would be interesting to compare with what I and others get. I'm not going to post about it on their site anymore (or here, lolol). It's a webmaster problem and I've said enough. Malwarebytes and other programs I run show that this virus activity is not on my machines or browsers, it's in their code and tries to load with the pages. I assume without protection that many are getting infected. The coin miner is real bad because it uses up your CPU, in some cases quite severely. Hey I love Chrome!!! It's FireFox that I had a lot of trouble with and think it kind of expired hahaha!

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      Honestly, I don't know My password. I don't wan't to retrieve It Tom. I changed My internet Life Tom.


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        ***to be honest, I was unaware there was “another” site.***

        Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.


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          I never got a warning there but I get one on t net all the time.


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            I "forgot" about T-Net. TR still run that?? I got banned from there at least three times lololol
            Professor Shellman
            Tampa Bay


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              Lol i dont know who runs it