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    Thanks for showing Hoss love me some Duane! Did get to see Derrick Trucks two months ago great show and they played Sugaree.


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      That's a cool Guitar!


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        Love the Allman Bros Band. Been a fan since I was a little sprout. Saw them in 73 New Haven Colliseum . WHipping Post was unforgatable . I was about 14 skipped school to hitch down there. LOL I was not a good student back then. I think the ticket was 7.50 Kills me when I see concert prices today?
        TN formerly CT Visit our store


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          Interesting video - sent me down memory lane for a spell.
          Gotta love those classic axes. like most fine artifacts, some are still being reproduced.

          I first caught The Allman Bros. act in 1970 at the 'dreary RFK Stadium' in D.C.
          They were pretty much an unknown then: 2nd billed to Grand Funk - I'll just say that those
          southern boys absolutely smoked the place!

          Skipping school sure beat the hell outta just staring out the window Hoss!
          If the women don\'t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.


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            Hoss , thanks for my morning coffee show
            when you talk about ticket prices ,,, well in the old days you could go to a park in Cal free with maybe 50 people max and Jefferson Airplane would be playing . Other bands did the same . The Doors were at the Wiskey and I was a tad to young .
            yeah and gas was 35 cents a gallon .