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  • You know its time to go when

    I was out today and it had just stopped raining I thought how nice just for me. I was walking next to the bank with tennis shoes. I call them my rock shoes cause they are so worn from rocks. And I was finding some crude items not worth saving. I did find some other items and had them in my pockets all quartz items so my pants were sagging. As I looked down I saw a cool round shaped knife/ scraper and went to reach for it while standing on the muddy bank, suddenly my foot started to slide so I stood up real fast to catch myself. Just at that moment my other foot slipped! I had the rock in my hand as I went down and I found out it is still sharp  :S . The good news is I got the rock and the bad news is the mud was still cold from the night before. So I then knew it was time to go back home.

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    Been there before!! inch: ! I usually just make a campfire rather than go home. Though, my home is usually no more than a 10-30 min. walk at tops!