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  • another crazy thought

    Many of these artifacts we have painstakingly rediscovered will most likely end up back in the dirt eventually.
    Perhaps, in the far distant future, they will be found again.

    Blows your mind, eh?

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    You guys are climbing into my head tonight with these "crazy thoughts ". I have thought about that many times. I have come to realize the points I have found will only be in my stuartship for maybe 40 years of its "life" if I'm lucky. They have been around for thousands of years and I will only hold them for a fraction of their existence. Eventually, whether its from being dropped outside by a grandkid or being thrown out in a box that ends up in the dump...eventually that point will be returned to the ground and maybe found again in two thousand years.


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      When target shooting in my back yard I sometimes think about the bullets I've fired into the dirt and the shell casings lost in the tall grass and bush that maybe hundreds or more of years from now if humans still exist, if someone will find these as artifacts and collect and treasure them as they try to imagine and wonder about a time when law abiding citizens were trusted enough to own and use firearms for hunting and recreation.
      Yes, mind blowing!


      • Tam
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        I think the same thing . Will they think we were crude owing weapons . How strange that must have been .

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      My hunting buddy Mikey was moving to a new house about twenty years ago.. In cleaning things up his wife to two paper grocery sacks of blades and scrapers to the dumpster. Mikey went wild when he found out ! I told him the artifacts weren’t lost, they were in the Lubbock city dump !


      • tomf
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        Dump Hunting? It could catch on...

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      Lol I mean that in the kindest of ways
      lcan see someone saying this is part of the millennial complex some is is transnational from earlier age
      But what do I know
      but one fact will not change is the ownership is my hope they take them as the curator I gave them
      Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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        And I still believe that while yes we are the couple of generations of finding all these artifacts , naming them and stating about how there are not so many left there is more to come .
        I always say that when all these small towns start coming down there will be a whole new world of points to discover .all these cookie cutter homes going up faster then people can
        keep up with .
        Clovis finding that archaic point in a creek behind the tire store is a perfect example .