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I think I'll make a pendant

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  • I think I'll make a pendant

    I'm thinking of making a pendant from this piece of flint. How would I go about drilling a small hole in it for a chain to fit through? (Without destroying it) For as pretty as Flint Ridge flint'd think it would be worth something.

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    Guest post tutorial by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts. Want to learn how to drill holes in beach stones? Well, I've got good news for you: it's pretty easy and I'd love to tell you

    Hey Pam I never tried this myself but I was reading this the other day and today you post a question?? We must be linked by flint in the cosmos! LOL If you tyr this tyr it on something you don't want to keep first. Could take a bit of practice to get it down pat!
    Good Luck
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      Wire wrapped stones, bones, teeth and jems: These wire wrapped stones, bones, teeth and jems illustrate various methods to use which you can learn how to do ...

      You could also consider wire wrapping your piece. There are many tutorials on youtube for such hobbies. It may be safer than tryimng to drill it out and you can end up with some fine jewelery.    
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        Thank you, Hoss!  I like the wrap idea MUCH better!  I considered a hole...but probably could not have brought myself to actually commence drilling!  The wrap would preserve the piece! :cheer: When I get it done I'll post it back in this thread.  May take a while though! 


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          Hi Pam wrap is a best way, i had a sharks tooth done in silver with an eyelet for a chain for my son it was pretty cheap then, silver has gone up now, with your colors gold would really sit it off,,,looking forward to what you do with it,,,ts