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    Love that truck Jack!! I had a 72 but needless to say not that nice. 


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      Hey Tyson, Here is a dog that has been seen around Carolina for a very long time. Anyone who has spent any time in the South Carolina swamps can tell you how remote an inaccesible they are.
      Explore National Geographic. A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration.

      Check it out "The Carolina Dog" or American Dingo
        photo From wikipedia


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        SDhunter, ya he's huge!  He weighs around 110 pounds, here's a pic with him next to my wife.  Granted she's only 95 pounds, but it gives you some reference.  Everyone that has seen Clovis tries to identify him.  I've heard everything from Pit Bull to Healer, but I think he's so far crossed it's hard to tell what he is?  The first thing my vet said when I brought him in was, "oh cute, another reservation dog", he kind of stunned me.  I said how the hell could you tell?  He said he has seen a lot of them in the last couple years in my area, and they all come from New Mexico then to Denver.  He calls him a cow dog, and I'm sure that's what the majority of him is.  The adoption papers said Lab mixed St. Bernard! lol  Butch, those Carolina Dogs are awesome!


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          Paleo,  Well we definitely know he's not lab or St. Bernard.  He looks alot smaller in that picture
          than the last.  I'm sure he doesn't care what he is,  just glad to have a good home and be out
          hunting arrowheads. 
          South Dakota


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            Well we just got him today yall can meet Champ he is half Yorky half Poodle I call him a Yodel and my woman calls him a Porky  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh: he was born on Dec.30 my gals I bought it for her she lost poor Skippy last year he was hit by a car in the drive way and didn't make it poor guy!

            Here his is with an antique ink well for scale.

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              Wow Hoss,  He sure is cute.  There is one just like him, here in town that the owners
              are trying to find a home for.  He's just a puppy as well.  They look identical.
              South Dakota