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I showed you mine now show me yours.

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  • I showed you mine now show me yours.

    Catchy title ha. Here are the first two pieces I ever made Painshill. I have more now, and keep getting better and learning more. It is an amazing hobby silver smithing, and puts all those extra rocks too good use.

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    Amber very nice work. Do you do wire wrap too? If so lets see what you have and even better a demonstration.
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      See here!!! Oh, sorry bout that, the title fooled me :laugh: Very nice work, Amber, by all means share more when you've a chance.
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        Ha no wire wrapping that's for amateurs ( j/k). I love using a torch so wire wrapping doesn't have that thrill. I keep waiting too set my hair on fire. I have a guy now that hand makes cabachons from agate he finds around Mt. Saint Helens. They are stunning.


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          Nice ones Amber! I have only made a couple things from silver. The first one I carved out of wax and cast the bear, then I inlaid two yellow citrines for the eyes. The claw was taken from the first and only bear I've ever killed. The second one is another lost wax cast carving, but I set a piece of turquoise in the center of the point. The third pic is a geode I polished one night with my buddy's lapidary machine. We need new wheels, so we haven't cut any cabs yet. Post more, I'd love to see some other cab jewelry!

          Click image for larger version

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            Very nice Amber. Tyson, too.
            Here's the first proper piece I made. Has a black star diopside in it. Didn't realise how much it needs a re-polish until I photographed it!

            Here's an abstract pendant I made recently:

            This brooch is more in the classical style. Has a really nice rutilated quartz cabochon:

            I [strike]stole[/strike] borrowed  the idea for this pendant from a large sculpture in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The sculpture was made from fluorescent lighting tubes! Small cabochon of moss agate in this one.

            Here's some work in progress for an art deco style brooch with an unusual cut of smoky quartz.

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              Wow all very cool. Wire wrap can be a good option for folks who don't have torches or if they have a smaller work space or could be just starting out. I asked because you can wire wrap points without damaging them.

              I am glad you were just kidding about the amateurs stuff. I think the best way to consider the word amateur is the way they do in the Olympics. The Men and Women who compete are the best in the world at what they do! They just don't get paid they do it because they love it. Like this hobby of ours we do it because we love it so it would make us all amateur Archaeologists, Geologists,  or Paleontologists.      
              All three of you are very talented thanks for starting this thread Amber.    
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                Love them all really nice guys, and I love the idea of wire wrapping imperfect points. The art deco brooch is right up my style ally.


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                  :silly: This was an amazing topic! You all are such fabulous artisans!!!! Thanks for sharing!