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    Any of you guys want to buy a nice new house in Washington? After this winter of staying here we are thinking of selling next summer and hitting the road again. If you like frozen ground and lots of snow this would be your dream home.

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    Damn Ron sorry to hear that, you did mention it before did not know if you serious, I just don't think of Washington as a frozen tundra. I got a good old friend who is going to move to Washington cause he can't handle the heat and humidity here in ks. He has arthritis so I don't think the cold will help him much. Hope he did his home work, not sure where in the state he is moving to.


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      Well if he moves over on the coast side of the Cascades he will not be so cold. We live on the East side and it is more like high desert. Sage and grass land. Gets cold and more snow than on the coast. We like the summers here but the winter has got us inside most of the time. After 11 years of Arizona it's hard to sit in the snow and cold. Getting older we find that the cold gets to you and your not wanting to go out. When we are down south we are  out everyday and keep moving. Exploring Geocaching and seeing new things. Just don't want to spend another winter here. Kids don't know yet but we are really giving it some serious thought. It's just not easy to close up a house for 6 months up here in the winters and for that reason we think just sell the place. If we kept the place we would still have tazes and insurance and then we always kind of worry about what could happen to the place while we are gone so we may look in Navada or Arizona for a home base. I built this house last summer so our profit should be a nice amount. Enough to get a place down south.


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        Move to Big Bend, nice weather about 8 months of the year and 4 months of pretty good heat.


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          You may be getting a new artifact collectors moving in. We do want to look around and your area is one we have given some thought to. Who knows? Just need to get free again and back on the road. Then spend some time looking around. Thanks for the info.


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            We've got some friends over around Lovelock, Nv. The wife and me love it over there. We go visit them for a week in the early spring. Lots to do over there also. Metal detecting the Immigrant Trail, arrowhead huntin', and gold detecting/mining. Check it out Ron